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Manufacturing 4.0: Is Your Leadership Team Up to the Challenge?

Posted by David Brousell on Sep 1, 2015

Network_leaders.jpgThe emerging world of Manufacturing 4.0 will offer a host of potential benefits to manufacturing companies, but many firms will have to strengthen their leadership ranks in order to take advantage of this next wave of industrial progress.

That’s one of the key findings of a new Manufacturing Leadership Council poll on Next-Generation Leadership. Ninety-percent of survey respondents said the information-driven M4.0 paradigm will require a substantially different leadership approach and set of skills compared with what their leadership bench has today.

According to survey respondents, M4.0 will require manufacturing leaders to understand cross-functional process integration, develop collaborative skills to manage flatter organizations, use analytics to make data-driven decisions, and sharpen their abilities to manage accelerating market and technology change.

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Manufacturing 4.0: Is Your Leadership Team Up to the Challenge?  in Next-Generation Leadership and the Changing Workforce

The emerging world of Manufacturing 4.0 will offer a host of potential benefits to manufacturing companies, but many firms will have to strengthen their leadership ranks in order to take advantage of this next wave of industrial progress. Read More →

Posted by David Brousell on Sep 01, 2015
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Does China’s Stock Market Turmoil Leave Global Manufacturing Growth in Doubt?  in Manufacturing Leadership Community

We’ve all been there. You go into a meeting and by the time you come out, the world has changed. That’s what it must have been like for the gathering of senior-level Chinese officials and state industrialists at a special meeting in Beijing last Friday as they listened to Lu Bingheng, a researcher at the Xi'an Jiaotong University, review the current state of China's advanced manufacturing sector and extol the virtues and future growth potential of the latest 3D printing technologies. Outside the meeting hall, however, the world was spinning into financial turmoil. By mid morning, the main Chinese stock index had dropped by 2 per cent. China’s manufacturing sector had fallen deep into contraction in August and is now set to record its lowest Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) figure for the last 77 months. Read More →

Posted by Paul Tate on Aug 25, 2015
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Transformation is Major Theme at Jefferies Industrial Conference  in The Adaptive Organization

I traveled to New York City last week to attend the 11th annual Jefferies Industrial Conference, a diverse gathering of more than 200 companies in the chemicals, aerospace and defense, automotive, metal fabrication, biofuels, and other market segments. Every company has its own set of market issues to contend with, of course, but if there was one major topic of conversation that ran through four days of presentations conducted in five concurrent session tracks, besides a growing feeling that the economy is slowing, it was business transformation – pervasive, market-driven change that is forcing many company executives to reorganize their companies, sharpen and re-align their priorities, reduce costs, in some cases move production outside the U.S., and find new ways to leverage their strengths to create advantage and compete. Read More →

Posted by David Brousell on Aug 17, 2015
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ML Council Explores Strategies for Accelerating Innovation and Supply Chain Performance at Flex Plant Tour  in The Innovation Enterprise

Last week, members of the Manufacturing Leadership Council gathered in Milpitas, CA, to tour the campus of electronics manufacturing services company Flex (formerly Flextronics) and to learn from each other how to accelerate innovation and speed up their supply chains in order to meet rising customer expectations. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Aug 11, 2015
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U.S. Manufacturing Leaders Say Government is Failing to Deliver the Help They Need  in Manufacturing Advocacy

With several U.S. presidential candidates promising to reinvigorate the manufacturing sector and “bring home” manufacturing jobs, and with the White House attempting to keep pace with manufacturing revitalization initiatives emerging from major global competitors including China, Germany, and India, you might expect manufacturing leaders to feel that their industry, at last, is receiving from policy makers the attention and help it needs. But you would be wrong. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Aug 04, 2015
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The Jeep Cyber Attack: Can We Control Our Connected World?  in Cybersecurity

The warnings about the perils of our increasingly connected world keep coming.This past weekend Fiat Chrysler issued a recall of 1.4 million vehicles after it was revealed that two researchers hacked and took control of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Burrowing into the Jeep’s entertainment system through a wireless cellular connection, the researchers were able to take control of the Jeep’s steering and braking systems. Read More →

Posted by David Brousell on Jul 28, 2015
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Are Changing Business Models the Key to Manufacturing’s Future?  in The Innovation Enterprise

If manufacturing leaders hope to be ready for the major transformational shifts that lie ahead over the next few years, they will need to adopt business models that are a lot more collaborative and agile and that boost their ability to innovate. Read More →

Posted by Paul Tate on Jul 14, 2015
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Twelve New U.S. Manufacturing Communities Eligible for $1 Billion in Federal Funds  in Manufacturing Advocacy

Seeking to stimulate the development of regional, collaborative manufacturing hubs across the U.S., the federal Department of Commerce has identified 12 Manufacturing Communities that will be eligible to tap into a $1 billion fund being offered by a range of federal departments and agencies. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Jul 14, 2015
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Does the Road to Manufacturing 4.0 Begin Here?  in Transformative Technologies

Manufacturing 4.0, with its promise of plants populated with smart, connected machines, conjures an alluring vision of the future. Armed with loads of real-time data generated by ever-more-intelligent machines, manufacturers will be able to address potential production disruptions even before they happen. And more automated and agile work cells and production lines will be able to quickly adjust output to match changing demand signals. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Jul 06, 2015
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Global Manufacturing Slows in June, But U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Surge  in Manufacturing Leadership Community

Though overall global manufacturing growth slowed last month, according to the latest figures from industry researchers Markit Economics, the worldwide manufacturing industry continued to expand and the U.S. showed especially strong gains in manufacturing employment. Read More →

Posted by Paul Tate on Jul 06, 2015
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Seventh Manufacturing Innovation Institute Formed to Focus on Flexible, Hybrid Electronics  in Transformative Technologies

The U.S. White House and Department of Defense today announced plans to create a manufacturing innovation institute that will be supported by $171 million in government and private funds and will advance research into and development of flexible electronic devices that can be used in wearable devices, soft robotics, and other systems. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Aug 31, 2015
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Coca-Cola Advances on Water Use Sustainability Goals, While Other Food Manufacturers Lag  in Sustainability

The Coca-Cola Company this week said it is on track to achieve its goal of replenishing all the water used to make its products by the end of 2015, five years ahead of its previously-announced schedule. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Aug 27, 2015
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Dollar’s Rise Erodes U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness  in Manufacturing Advocacy

The dollar’s rise compared to other currencies over the past year has made U.S.-based manufacturing less cost-competitive, particularly compared to some top European exporting nations, a new study from the Boston Consulting Group finds. But U.S. manufacturing competitiveness fell relatively little compared with major exporting countries such as China, India, South Korea, and Mexico, largely because currency value fluctuations have been less pronounced in those countries, the study finds. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Aug 19, 2015
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Tianjin Explosion: Does China Face an Industrial Safety Crisis?  in Manufacturing Leadership Community

Tragic events in Tianjin last week as a massive chemical storage facility exploded killing at least 114 people, injuring almost 700 more, damaging or destroying 17,000 nearby homes, and sending plumes of toxic gases into the air, raise serious concerns about the policing of industrial safety regulations in China’s industrial regions. Read More →

Posted by Paul Tate on Aug 18, 2015
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Is Modi’s “Make In India” Manufacturing Campaign Starting to Pay Off with High-Tech Giants?  in Redefining the Supply Chain

There are signs that Prime Minister Modi’s high-profile “Make in India” campaign is starting to pay off, at least among some of the world’s high-tech industry leaders. Read More →

Posted by Paul Tate on Aug 11, 2015
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Study: U.S. Manufacturers Trail Offshore Competitors on Innovation, Strategic Planning  in The Innovative Enterprise

U.S. manufacturers are falling behind offshore competitors when it comes to the breadth and formality of their innovation initiatives, according to a recent survey by accounting and consulting firm McGladrey. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Jul 28, 2015
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U.S. Launches New Photonics Manufacturing Innovation Institute with 124 Partners  in The Innovative Enterprise

The U.S. Department of Defense has announced the formation of a new Manufacturing Innovation Institute focusing on the development of advanced Integrated Photonics technologies. Photonics allow the use of light particles to carry information and images to help improve applications ranging from high-bandwidth communications, to energy-saving data centers, ‘needleless’ medical procedures, and advanced security and defense systems. Read More →

Posted by Paul Tate on Jul 28, 2015
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Can Manufacturing Incubators Help Drive the Next Wave of Manufacturing?  in Factories of the Future

If you want to start up a new hi-tech software business, all you really need is a powerful laptop, a fast network connection, a desk (and even that’s optional), and a good idea. Easy, right? But if you want to start up an innovative new manufacturing business, the chances are you’re going to need a lot more space, a lot more complex equipment, and access to a few more like-minded people to make it happen. Read More →

Posted by Paul Tate on Jul 07, 2015
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Advanced Manufacturing as Disruptive Innovation  in Transformative Technologies

Can advanced manufacturing processes themselves be the source of disruptive innovation? A high-profile start-up company in the hotly-contested lithium-ion battery space things they can. 24M—the founders were behind lithium-ion start-up flameout A123—has raised over $50 million from venture capitalists who are betting that the company can make the batteries cost-competitive with fossil fuel-based energy in the near future. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Jun 24, 2015
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Creating a Nexus for Collaborative Innovation  in The Innovative Enterprise

What if you could create a physical space where out-of-the-box thinkers from a variety of engineering- and design-related disciplines could easily collaborate and fail freely on the way to creating new things and ideas? That’s the concept behind New Lab, a 84,000-square-foot space in a part of the old Brooklyn Shipyard in New York City which has already attracted several ground-breaking tenants and a major investment from the City of New York. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Jun 15, 2015
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