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Don't Underestimate Incremental Innovation, Says ML Council

Posted by David Brousell on Aug 15, 2014

Graph_Blueprint.jpgThe idea of coming up with a breakthrough innovation that can create competitive advantage captivates many companies these days. The success that companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Google have had with market-defining, breakthrough products and services sets the bar and motivates others to go for the biggest prize possible.

That bar is both necessary and useful as an aspiration, and some do manage to grab the brass ring. But the message from members of the Manufacturing Leadership Council, who convened earlier this week to discuss the many dimensions of innovation, as part of a special plant tour at American Axle & Manufacturing’s Three Rivers production facility in Kalamazoo, MI, was that companies shouldn’t overlook what can be gained through incremental improvements in processes and products

In fact, breakthroughs often don’t happen immediately but are often achieved over time as an initial concept is refined and improved. As a result, breakthrough innovation and incremental innovation can be joined at the hip, so to speak; the former needs the latter process to truly become a game-changing product or service.

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Posted by David Brousell on Aug 15, 2014
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Posted by Paul Tate on Jul 29, 2014
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Manufacturers should care a great deal what members of the so-called Millennial Generation think. That’s because, by 2025, Millennials—those born from the early 1980s through the early 2000s--will make up 75% of the global workforce. Manufacturers hoping to cultivate and grow the next generation of leaders will need to understand what Millennials want and how they think. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Jul 22, 2014
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Posted by David Brousell on Jul 15, 2014
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Experts Warn of Government, Commercial Threats to an Open Internet  in Transformative Technologies

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Posted by Paul Tate on Jul 09, 2014
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The IoT: Where Should Privacy Lines Be Drawn?  in Transformative Technologies

In the 1990 sci-fi classic “Total Recall” directed by Paul Verhoeven, the lead character, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, must remove an implanted tracking device from his head (actually through his nose!) before he can reclaim his memories and save the world. (Arnold, of course, succeeds.) Lately, I’ve been reflecting that the much-promoted Internet of Things (IoT) may end up having a similar effect to Arnold’s troublesome tracking device, without the messy and invasive nasal implantation. It’s not a very comforting thought, at least for me. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Jun 30, 2014
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Designing for the ‘Internet of Things’  in The Innovation Enterprise

The high tech industry and its supporting cast of research firms and consultancies are all abuzz these days with the idea of the “Internet of Things”. The trend they think they have identified is that every conceivable physical object in the world will likely become IP-enabled, leading to a massive new era of innovation with significant new opportunities for information-related services and products and even “disrupting” existing markets and business models. Read More →

Posted by David Brousell on Jun 24, 2014
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Posted by Paul Tate on Aug 26, 2014
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New Generation of Robots Will Force Cultural Change  in Transformative Technologies

A new generation of smart, mobile, autonomous, and relatively inexpensive robots is about to hit the manufacturing plant floor and supply chain. These include telepresence robots that let supervisors and engineers thousands of miles away see what’s going on in a plant and collaborate with workers there. They include mobile warehouse robots, and so-called companion robots such as Rethink Robotics’ Baxter which, while slower than traditional industrial models, is much easier to program, less expensive, and safer for human co-workers to be around. They even include exoskeletons—such as one being developed by ship-builder Daiwoo Shipbuilding that workers wear and that give them greater strength to lift and carry objects. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Aug 20, 2014
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Move Over Cloud: Are Data Lakes the Key to Managing IoT Big Data?  in Factories of the Future

GE has announced a joint development with industrial software company Pivotal to create what it calls “the first-ever industrial data lake approach” to help major manufacturing companies better access, analyse and store petabytes of industrial-strength Big Data. Read More →

Posted by Paul Tate on Aug 12, 2014
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IoT Will Require a Renewed Focus on Data Accuracy  in Transformative Technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to bring unprecedented levels of operational insight and product performance and use knowledge to manufacturers, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars of new market value in the near future. But the IoT will bring challenges also. Experts have already sounded the alarm about security breaches that have shown up in some smart, web-enabled products and platforms. But security won’t be the only challenge. Manufacturers will also need to do a much better job of validating the accuracy of the data being generated by the IoT. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Aug 06, 2014
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U.K. Spy Agency Fosters Cybersecurity Skills At British Universities  in

Britain’s central surveillance and intelligence agency, known as GCHQ, is hoping to boost the European country’s cybersecurity skills by fostering the next generation of cyber-savvy experts at British universities. Read More →

Posted by Paul Tate on Aug 04, 2014
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Study Finds Alarming Lack of IoT Security  in Transformative Technologies

How secure is the Internet of Things (IoT)? Not very, according to a new report from Hewlett-Packard Co. After evaluating 10 of the most popular IoT-enabled devices—mostly consumer products such as TVs, webcams, home thermostats, remote power outlets, sprinkler controllers, door locks, home alarms, garage door openers—HP’s security research organization found that most contain potentially serious security vulnerabilities. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Jul 31, 2014
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Can You 3D Print a Car? Local Motors Thinks So…  in The Innovative Enterprise

If you’re going to be anywhere near Chicago during September, you may want to drop into the International Manufacturing Technology Show (September 8-13). That’s where Phoenix-based auto innovator Local Motors plans to 3D print and assemble a specially-designed new electric sports car, live on-site – right before your very eyes! Read More →

Posted by Paul Tate on Jul 22, 2014
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Microsoft To Move Nokia Manufacturing from China to Vietnam  in Redefining the Supply Chain

There was a time when Finland’s mobile phone giant Nokia ruled much of the mobile world. But intense competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung drove the company into the arms of Microsoft in 2013. Now, under new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, the US company has announced extensive plans to restructure its Nokia phone group as part of 18,000 staff layoffs across the Microsoft organization announced last week. Read More →

Posted by Paul Tate on Jul 21, 2014
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Will the Internet of Things Undermine Existing Channel Networks?  in Transformative Technologies

The trend toward adding intelligence to and connecting tens of billions of thing is predicted to create tens of trillions of dollars in new economic value annually by allowing manufacturers and others to understand faster and better how their products are being used and how their processes are working. By putting out smart products that communicate how they are being used and how well they are performing, for example, manufacturers will be able to offer directly to customers a wide range of new services that add value and may generate revenue on their own. Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on Jul 16, 2014
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Electric Cars: Formula ‘E’ Championship Aims to Fast Track R&D  in

If you think electric vehicles will never compete in the world of high-speed motor racing, you could be in for a surprise. The global motor racing body, the FIA, plans to show off just what the cutting edge of electric vehicle technology can do with a new Formula ‘E’ (Electric) Championship racing series starting in September and using high-profile urban race tracks around the hearts of ten of the world’s major cities - from Beijing and Monte Carlo, to Long Beach and Miami. Read More →

Posted by Paul Tate on Jul 15, 2014
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