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Linpac's Integrated ERP Packs Merger Punch  in CPG

The next time you pick up fresh vegetables from Carrefour in France or bread from Tesco’s in the United Kingdom, or change a part on your BMW, Ford Fiesta, or MG sports car, the chances are they will all have traveled along their supply chains in pla… Read More →

Posted by Paul Tate on Jun 29, 2009
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The On-Demand Interchange  in Global Value Networks

A couple of years ago, when energy drink and chewing gum maker Mad Croc was just getting started, top executives, like those at a growing number of small, young manufacturing companies, opted to effectively outsource the tasks of deploying and operat… Read More →

Posted by Jeff Moad on May 07, 2009
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Is PLM the New Enterprise Software?  in Global Value Networks

For the CEO of Novero GmbH — the former Nokia division that makes slick automotive communications gear — product design entails more than fancy modeling and manufacturing mock-ups. Equally important: the ability to integrate information across the t… Read More →

Posted by ML Admin on Mar 05, 2009
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Nissan Emphasizes Quality in 2012 Plan  in Automotive

Stung by the recurring below-average quality rankings of its vehicles, Japanese automaker Nissan will invest heavily in quality initiatives as part of a push to cut in half by 2012 the number of quality complaints it receives, according to a recent a… Read More →

Posted by Chris Chiappinelli on Sep 09, 2008
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