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AC2 Solutions Product Award

When forecasting and scheduling customer contact agents there is little margin for error. Mistakes in under-or overestimating staff requirements will cost organizations either in dissatisfied customers or in higher unnecessary expenses.

Customer contact managers rely on workforce management or WFM software. These tools traditionally use weighted moving averages for forecasting and Erlang C or simulations for scheduling.

These standard WFM solutions may no longer work for customers using multiple channels. Many agents have been grouped in highly specialized teams and now include home agents. Family and medical leave legislation, military service, and volunteer work have impacted employee availability.

WFM applications have also been typically installed on-premises. Yet organizations are moving to an on-demand environment.

The founders of ac2 Solutions understood that the key to accurate WFM solutions lay in advanced statistical and optimization models. These professionals, whose backgrounds include Bell Laboratories and Rutgers University, have engineered these methods into ac2 Solutions’ Advanced Workforce Optimization or AWO portal. AWO’s features include time series forecasting models such as Box-Jenkins ARIMA and exponential smoothing. There is an artificial intelligence-based best pick module that automates model fitting and selection forecasting along with scheduling. ac2 Solutions also knows the benefits of the cloud model. It hosts AWO inside secure environments.

ac2 Solutions’ growing roster of clients is impressive. For example, Delta Airlines saw a 73 percent reduction in excess agent time, 100 percent elimination of agent shortage, and a 12 percent schedule cost savings.

Workforce management can help ensure the high quality service that customers now expect, with superior performance, flexibility, and cost control. ac2 Solutions’ sophisticated cloud-based AWO accomplishes those goals. For these reasons Frost & Sullivan is proud to recognize ac2 Solutions with the 2012 North American Product Differentiation Excellence Award. Congratulations on the award.