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Windstream Competitive Strategy Award

Scalability, reliability and cost efficiency are just a few of the reasons many enterprises are choosing Ethernet services over traditional broadband.

As revenues grow, Communication service providers or (CSPs) want to focus on network expansion, service level agreements and classes of service on their Ethernet networks.

Windstream has emerged as one of the leading providers in the retail Carrier Ethernet services market. Windstream’s network footprint spans its ILEC properties, and is a combination of Ethernet over Copper (EoC) and fiber assets. The 94% network coverage is the result of a deployment that began over 5 years ago and has driven significant revenue growth for Windstream.

Frost & Sullivan’s recent research on the market shows a substantial increase in Windstream’s market share for the year 2011. Windstream’s initiatives have enabled the company to emerge with 6.2 percent market share in 2011. The increase can be largely attributed to the PAETEC acquisition. Stronger brand positioning, nationwide network assets and a list of Fortune 500 customers also make this a highly effective merger for the company.

Windstream has come a long way from being an ILEC competing in just a few regions to a leading nationwide carrier in the business markets. Frost & Sullivan is pleased to recognize Windstream’s efforts in strengthening its competitive positioning. We would like to name Windstream as the of the 2012 Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in the Retail Carrier Ethernet Services Market. Congratulations on the award.